Our Tools

GTM Copy Paste

Ever wanted to simply copy ONE tag over to another account?

Previously you’d use the Export functionality of GTM and reupload it to your other account, then delete the not needed tags, triggers or variables.

Not anymore: This Chrome extension will help you to Copy and Paste your assets (Tags, Triggers and Variables) super fast from one Google Tag Manager Container to another without leaving the interface. It’s FREE and has already helped 5000+ users move their tags.

Google Tag Manager Renamr

Feeling lost in a sea of tags, triggers and variables with different names, with no coherent naming convention in place? Regain control of your account and ensure you and other colleagues don’t get confused as your account grows.

Save time with our GTM Renamr script by pulling all your assets into a spreadsheet and renaming them all in one go!

Simply upload again and you’re done!

​Google Analytics Refundr

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking brought us the ability to process Refunds and use that data in GA.

But how does it get there?

Problem: The user usually doesn’t visit a website after he requested a refund. So there is no way to send a refund request via a “Thank you ” page.

This easy solution allows you to send your refund data through to Google Analytics with the help of a Google Form + Google Apps Script which sends a Measurement Protocol request upon refund.

Source Cookie

This custom GTM solution was written to track the different Sources a user uses to enter a website.

It creates a cookie (name source) which will contain the different names and sources over time (e.g. facebook.com|AdWords|google.com|facebook.com etc.)

This can be used for a secondary data source in Google Analytics or as a trigger to fire your tags only on certain source condition (see CookieSwitch video).

Looking for more tools?

Within our premium membership MeasureMasters we have a list of over 30 different tools, resources, templates and guides to help you get your measure work done faster and more efficiently. In addition, as a MeasureMaster, you’ll get access to 70 hours of premium video content, access to our Community and support from me and my team when you get stuck. Interested? Check out MeasureMasters today!