Fast-track your Marketing success, the data-driven way

(without becoming a data scientist)

What does "data-driven" actually mean?

When I first started out in Digital Marketing, I was amazed by all the data Google Analytics could provide us just by installing the tool on our website. But was I actually able to use the data effectively?

No, not at first.

It actually took me several years of learning and understanding to get me to a point where I wasn’t totally confused by all the data I saw in such tools. And even then, I still wasn’t quite confident when using the data as the basis of my analysis. It was kind of like the imposter syndrome with data. 

Does this sound familiar?

We all know the thoughts pop up when working with data and, spoiler alert, even experienced data guys still have them. That’s why all of us are searching to understand a little more, a little better at a time.

Sounds daunting, right? It takes TIME, EFFORT and the right ENVIRONMENT to thrive in this data-driven world.

But what if there is a better way?

Should we really be kept out of the loop for all of these?

No, I don’t think so….

But how can you become a data-driven Marketer?


You don’t know, what you don’t know – Data is everywhere and can be used in all of our activities of digital Marketing. SEO? Social Media? Content Planning? All of these activities can be data-driven. You need to gather the right experiences with data to understand its use-cases.


Understanding alone doesn’t help you to get results. You need to constantly apply your knowledge, so you can become confident in your abilities to measure data, interpret it and get insights and results for yourself or clients.


We cannot know everything. That’s what Google is for, right? Well… All these Blogs, YouTube Videos (thanks for watching 🙂 or Books surely give you good new ideas, but what does that mean for your business? Data is very individual and you will need to find a group of peers to get advice, discuss and help you grow.

Introducing: MeasureMasters

MeasureMaster is Your Essential Resource for gaining that crucial Experiences through Training, directly applying your learned material in Exercises, and the right environment of peers to help you grow and become a data-driven Marketer.

What's inside of MeasureMasters?


Develop your Measurement skills further step-by-step. Our Training Library features hundreds of videos that will help you to master the tech, techniques and tools for your data-driven marketing needs.


Going from Knowledge to confident application is hard. That’s why we challenge you every month to a new measurement challenge. You will implement a new tracking technique on one of our Training websites and keep your measure skill sharp.

Tools & Resource

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to setup Measurement and Analytics. Our handy guides, templates and tools make it easy for you to concentrate on what you do best (your marketing) and speed up your workflow.


Our Membership Community is full of Data-Driven Marketers just like you. Get and give Advice on daily Measurement questions and learn from the approaches that others have discovered. We also do a Live Q&A every month (just for members).

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What Our Students Say

"The courses are excellent and the Facebook group is extremely helpful"
Ryan England
Google Analytics Consultant, Self Employeed
"I've identified powerful ways to improve measurement and tracking that directly benefits our clients. This has expanded our service offerings and provided additional revenue for us and clients."
Darren Cart, MD
Agency Owner,

This course added a skill set to my resume that got me my job.

I was a BA/PM with an interest in analytics and when my team initiated an analytics offering to our clients I combined this course while working alongside the implementation agency. When they left I took over without missing a step. Seriously, I started out not knowing anything about GTM/GA and by following this course, each lesson until I understood and could apply it, I am now managing a GTM/GA Premium account with dozens of clients. You can do it too!

Stuart Scotten , Sr. Business Analyst (UX & Web Analytics)

Taking this course saved me a lot of money and time I've previously spent figuring out how to set up tracking based on individual clients' goals.

Taking this course saved me a lot of money and time I've previously spent figuring out how to set up tracking based on individual clients' goals. Getting the right data and learning how to interpret them correctly is the most important step in becoming successful with any online business. I can highly recommend this course to every online marketer that works with clients or entrepreneurs that run their own business. Before this course, I took 4 different GTM courses from other instructors but none of these courses can compare to the premium content you will find here and Julian's talent to transfer his knowledge and train you with ease. I consider this course the best investment I had in a long time.

Kristina Culi , Freelancer

Join us on our journey to Measure Mastery......

Learning the data-driven way of digital Marketing is not as straightforward as it might seem. You can’t just expect to “learn” Google Analytics and call it a day. Data & Measurement is so much more than the tools that we use each day. It’s about the Art of putting together the different Measurement pieces to form a coherent Analytics setup that informs your decision making and leads to real change. What are these pieces?

MeasureMasters is build on the 4 A's of Measure Mastery...

1. Awareness
Data is everywhere. But not all data is useful. We need to build the awareness for data that has the potential to produce CHANGE in our organizations and discard the rest. Taking you through the process of evaluating and understanding different opportunities in the Measurement field is the first step of Mastering Measurement.

2. Analytics
Once you have a plan in place and know what data you need, it’s time for the measurement. Tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager need to be mastered to maximize their potential. But raw data is useless and so you also need to learn about the essential techniques of digging through it to find insights – This is what Analysis is all about.

3. Activation
So once you have found an interesting insight, is your work done? Not quite – You need to get to the last step, which is Action. Change your website, run an A/B Test or build a Dashboard are possibilities for Activating your data.

4. Automation
Once you have mastered the 3 previous steps you will start gathering more and more data and go through the familiar patterns of Measurement, Analysis and Activation. Learning about how to Automate your setup, analysis and activation will go a long way to more efficiency and productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our YouTube Trainings are self-contained independent videos, that stand for themselves. MeasureMasters will have more in-depth training that you won’t find on YouTube (because it wouldn’t be possible to put into one video). That said, we still think our free content is valuable to MeasureMasters, so we regularly include it in the membership as well (in a curated fashion).

Yes, our previous trainings are now part of MeasureMasters.

Yes, we have a Coaching section that let’s you write to us directly from within the membership to answer your questions, get opinions and discuss strategy. While we won’t be able to “do” any concrete work (that we would normally charge for) we are open to helping you through our capacity as training site.

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You can cancel MeasureMasters at any time. In your first 30 days of the membership we even offer a refund. Please notice that we can’t provide any refunds (or partial ones) after the initial 30 days.

No, the content is for members only. If you’d like to come back to MeasureMasters, we are happy to have you. Please contact us via the contact form.

Of course, you will still have access to our free material on and YouTube.

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We currently have 15+ Trainings available in our Training Library – You can take a look at them by clicking here.

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Join a community of other successful Measure Masters

"As an SEO professional, I have been looking for a place to discuss and learn more about the data aspects of my daily work. I have found MeasureMasters to be the perfect place to bring together my passion of marketing and technology and find inspiration in discussions with other members"
Jens P.
- Freelance SEO Specialist
"MeasureMasters is a good place to ask advanced web analytics questions. Someone in the community always knows the answer. "
Manuel Schnaible
-Manager Web Analytics, L'TUR Tourismus AG

…. and members from other fields such as PPC, CRO, Data Science and more 

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Julian Juenemann

Chief MeasureMaster

Meet the Creator of MeasureMasters

MeasureMasters is powered by Julian Juenemann and his small team at MeasureSchool. He learned the ropes of Digital Marketing in different startups he co-founded and quickly became fascinated with how data could influence his marketing effort and business outcomes. Going out on his own in 2013 he started to help other businesses adopt the data-driven way of Digital Marketing through his consultancy JJAnalytics. In 2015 he started the YouTube channel MeasureSchool to reach and teach this new way of marketing to other fellow Marketers. With over 100k subscribers it has become the leading (video) source for many marketers to educate themselves on the data-driven way. 

In his spare time Julian enjoys playing the guitar, watching YouTube and hacking around in JavaScript. He finds it kind of weird writing about himself in the third-person, but admits it does sound slightly more epic.

See you inside....

or yearly $790 (get 2 months free!)



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