How to Use the Data Studio Case Statement

IFTTT—If This, Then That. If you are using the Data Studio, then you should learn how to use the Case statement.

Now, functions are a very important part within Google Data Studio to create calculated fields. And the Case statement is probably the most advanced but most powerful function you can learn in Data Studio. It works just like If This, Then That!

In today’s lesson, I’ll show you how we can use the Case statement in building our dashboards and create calculated fields.

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Getting Started with Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio Tutorial blog featured image

Google Data Studio is our primary tool for building beautiful reports and easy to understand data visualizations.

In this Google Data Studio beginners guide, I am going to show you how to make the most of this awesome tool and show you how you can quickly build useful dashboard from your data!

An outline of this guide:

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5 Functions for Calculated Fields in Data Studio (2020 Updated)


I’m going to show you my top five favorite Google Data Studio Functions for Calculated Fields to be able to customize and manipulate your data better.

Google Data Studio is a really interesting tool because it’s always evolving and being updated.

The team at Google are always new features. And recently, they have added Data Studio Functions to the mix.

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Google Data Studio Charts – The 6 Types You Need to Know

Data Studio chats blog featured image

Google Data Studio has several chart types thus allow users to create and design their reports in unlimited ways. In today’s video, Ahmad of Siavak is back, this time to show us the 6 most significant charts in data studio. Plus, he will give us some tips and tricks on how to design your data visualization dashboards more efficiently.

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Data Blending in Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio Data Blending lets you combine data sources in one visualization. Let’s take a look at the new Data Blender together and see how the new feature works.


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Google Data Studio Pivot Tables – Fully Explained

Pivot Tabes in Google Data Studio give you the ability to display your data in a table with multiple dimension at the same time. This gives you the ability to use Data Studio for Data Exploration but also it gives you a new ability to display your data in this Dashboarding Tools.