The internet is the greatest thing that has happened to business….

When I started out in business at the young age of 22 a few investors gave me money to start a travel website (1000Kreuzfahrten.de). The initial feeling of starting this thing was great, but the realization hit me shortly after: What now? My first year as an entrepreneur was plagued by the inability to act and grow the company fast (after all… that’s what investors want). There were a lot of opinions, action plans and strategy calls thrown around at the time, but it all didn’t add up to a coherent strategy…. We ended up selling the company shortly after.

Fast forward a few years and I had the chance to start all over building Urbanara.com As the Head of Online Marketing I was able to concentrate on building out our channels and bringing in more traffic and sales for the plattform. But since it was a brand new company there was, again, no clear path of growing. Fortunately my friend and mentor Stephan pushed me in the right direction, and let me in on his secret. A secret how Online Marketing should be done: The data-driven way.

If you think about it: What is the biggest difference for businesses operating in the digital age vs. before the Internet came around?

I would argue: Measurability.

With digital Measurement tools like Google Analytics it’s easier than ever to measure your approach, see if something is working or not and take action accordingly. The incoming data is the secret for reliable guidance to scalable business success of many online businesses (Amazon, Netflix, PayPal etc). And we want to teach it to you.

Why should you care?

Decisions are what drive progress. In business we make decisions all the time. What should we focus on next? Where should we spend our budget? What is the next big thing? Unfortunately a lot of businesses (although operating online) still rely on relics of Gut, Luck, Feeling or Intuition to make decision. But we all have a better tool right in front of us: Data.

You surely have data available, but do you use it?

At Measureschool we want to help you to collect better data, utilize digital measurement in your decision making and help you stay up to date on the trends of new Measure tools.

Learning the data driven way made all the difference for me when building Urbanara. We were no longer stifled by too many possibilities and the fear of doing something wrong. Guided by data we made changes on an ongoing basis, optimized our campaigns and got better results along the way.

Upon leaving Urbanara I’ve helped dozens of companies to implement the tools and strategies of the data driven way. I’ve learned a lot and want to give back. And Measureschool is my way of doing so.

I hope you enjoy our offering and come with us on a journey of the data-driven way.



— Creator of MeasureSchool

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